Pallet Art

January 28, 2022 | epallet Updates
      Pallets have many different uses in the shipping and transporting world. It's a staple to a various amount of companies that need to move their products safely from one place to another. The need for pallets have grown tremendously in the past decade. In 2018 alone, the pallet industry did over 435 million dollars in global sales! There are over 500 million manufactured every year just in the United States! The majority of sales are pallets made from solid wood that can withhold different climates and serve as a structural foundation.


So, what else can pallets be used for?
     People have gotten very creative over the years and have made pallets not only useful in their day to day lives, but also stylish! If you search the web, you can find over 50 DIY pallet projects to bring them to life. There are even accounts on Instagram that focus on pallet art, sparking plenty of more ideas. Some examples I have found are couches, bookshelves, wall sets, shoe racks, coat racks, coffee tables, wine trays and even dog beds! Pallets are also used for artists to paint pictures on a canvas that can last a lifetime. You can make just about anything with them in order to serve your needs around the house instead of buying plain old furniture. View some examples down below:                                                                                               ↓↓↓

Wall Shelf

Dog Bed

Plant Decor

Bench w/ Shoe Rack

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