What is a “Pallet Broker?”

November 4, 2021 | epallet Updates

     The term pallet broker is given to a company that is able to supply and recycle wooden pallets in large quantities to interested consumers. Pallet brokers are responsible for building and maintaining relationships in the industry. Here at Epallet we work with many manufacturers in all different locations. These can be found on our website under “Pallet Manufacturing.” Here you will find that Epallet owns and operates seven state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing locations are in Sugarcreek, OH; Middlefield, OH; and Walhounding, OH. All of our facilities include a sawmill, scragg mill, reconditioned pallet yard and new pallet manufacturing operations. We have worked with our suppliers for a long time! Our manufacturers are credible, reliable, and are always ready to serve the pallet community. 

     Our brokerage takes it one step further. Here at Epallet, we control our own supply chain from the forest to the finished product. We own and operate various sawmill locations. Epallet's sawmills are located in the following Ohio cities: Fredericksburg, Holmesville, Navarre, Piedmont, Quaker City, and Walhonding.  We also own processing plants to control cost, reduce waste and strive for continual improvement. We build and process more than 50 million pallets per year. 


pallets being loaded

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