Pallets or Wooden Crates: Which One is Better for Your Shipment?

September 15, 2021 | epallet Updates
      If you’re wondering which product would better fit your shipping needs, you came to the right place! Wooden crates and pallets are similar by definition, but serve different purposes. A wooden crate, or “wooden box” is defined as a container made of wood to transport or store materials. On the other hand, pallets are flat structures that provide stability when loading and transporting consumer products. 

Wooden Pallets

   The two main factors to keep in mind when deciding which wooden product to use is distance and size of load. If you are shipping in a large quantity then a pallet would be a better choice for you. They provide a stable foundation that can hold and protect many different types of material. Pallets are also a better choice if you are traveling longer distances, or even abroad. Here at e-Pallet we give you the freedom to fully customize and transform the pallets you order. There are lightweight options that can help you save on shipping costs while simultaneously helping the environment! Pallets can be recycled and reused many times while still keeping up with customer standards. 


Wooden Crates

    There are different kinds of crates that serve different purposes when it comes to shipping and storing products.

Frame Crates are specially designed for shipping heavier objects and can hold their shape overtime. 

Open Crates are best when shipping products such as food since it will be able to stay fresh during shipping duration. Closed crates are used to protect and secure fragile products. 

    If you are shipping fragile or lightweight products, a crate may be the best choice for you. They will be better secured and protected, and can be stored for long periods of time. The best way to protect your shipment is to place the heaviest items on the bottom of the crate while placing the lightest on top. You should also try to fill the crate to the top, with the least amount of excess space so you can avoid shifting of any kind during transport.


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